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An Insider’s View of the Valle’s Most Eclectic Tastes



The Valle de Guadalupe has amassed a network of microclimates with hidden jewels nestled inside. Like the flipside of a vinyl record, B-Sides offers the lesser known rhythms of the region to jive with – family owned, private or even modern vineyards, farms and ranches which are just as good or better (you decide) than the area’s most popular destinations.
This journey will take you down the short path of small establishments whose quality equates and often exceeds the larger contender. There’s craftsmanship in every pour, heart in every bite! Labels and their producers like those you will meet are paragons in our humble agricultural community and hard to find anywhere outside Baja California. So, get ready to travel off the beaten path and be welcomed into an intimate experience as the winemakers give you personal insights about their philosophy, their grapes and their goods (while you sample something unique).

What’s included

  • Tour Design, Reservations/confirmations
  • Digital itinerary
  • 2 standard wine tastings included per person
  • Visit 2 wineries and 1 restaurant.
  • Group coordination

Things you should know

  • Valle de Guadalupe
  • 8 hours
  • 1-16 Guests
  • Ages 18+
  • English and Spanish
Note: Transportation is not included and its cost will depend on the number of passengers

Starting at $3,575 MXN/person

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