We offer meaningful tailored-made experiences designed to stimulate the senses, inspire curiosity and invigorate the soul – allowing you to live with intention and consciousness on your chosen path. Our journeys have taken entire families across the Baja Península, guided couples on intimate, sensory-charged getaways and helped entrepreneurs and leaders create team-building retreats with lasting impact. For a glimpse of the experience, we offer unique pre-planned Day Trips via our website as a fulfilling introduction to Baja California, Mexico.

Traveling with us means traveling responsibly. Nature and community are our biggest assets, and we’d be nothing without them. We acknowledge this by supporting local businesses, picking up after ourselves in places we visit and reducing our waste on every possible level.

Giving back is part of the journey, so we use a percentage of our fees to bring goods or services to those who need them. Although these activities are optional for our guests, we highly suggest everyone participating as it is among the most enriching experiences one can have.

For professionals in the Entertainment and film industries, we offer our knowledge regarding private transportation, legal paperwork, permits and location scouting through one-on-one consultation and logistical services.

Our visual identity


Our logo is inspired by Morse Code, a character encoding scheme used in early 20th century telecommunication transcending into visual long-distance communication. one of the first methods used in long-distance communication and which worked by sending sequences of short and long «beeps,” as well as flashes of light represented as dots in lines, which would then be interpreted as text.


The dots and the lines represent “LIB”, the initials in our name “Lost In Baja” and our calling: “Live • Inspire • Become”

Our logo is a homage to the explorers, seekers and trailblazers of past and present, those who venture into the unknown knowing that to lose themselves, is to find themselves.

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